Art Show and Pastries with Parents

Our Home for Your Heart Art Show and Pastries with Parents is a family event that everyone really enjoys.  It is a morning for the students to spend a little extra time with their families by eating delicious pastries, muffins, and donuts.  The kids also have the opportunity to show their families the art they have created throughout the school year.

In a matter of a couple of days, we transform our chapel at Chapel Campus and our welcome area at Main Campus into a beautiful children's art gallery. The students were very excited to show their parents, grandparents, or other family members all that they created.

This year we added an exciting new feature to the Art Show by having each classroom design their very own classroom piece.  We were blown away by each teacher's ideas and by how different each idea was. We took these completed pieces and decided to have a silent auction where families could bid on the classroom pieces.

We ended our week long event by having an online auction on our Home for Your Heart Facebook group.  The online auction was set up to be online for twenty-four hours, from noon on Thursday to noon on Friday.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Art Show and Pastries with Parents!  We were happy to see all the families come enjoy breakfast and view the art show.  Thank you also to all that bid on an auction item.  All proceeds from the auction pieces will go directly to supporting our school.

Flips, Pyramids, and a Ring of Fire!

This morning the Asbury Tumbling team came to HFYH.  They put on an exciting show that had both the kids and teachers cheering and wondering what would they do next.

After the team coach gathered us in prayer, we saw flips, jumps, and stunts galore.  They started with a full team 
performance where the tumblers were doing flips over each other, backhand springs all together, and a huge pyramid.  

In between each performance they taught a short lesson to the students about working as a team and sharing with their friends. 

Each performance seemed to get a little riskier.  One of their performances included jumping and tumbling through and over a ring of fire, at the same time.  There were many of us who were holding our breaths.  No worries, they reminded the students and the teachers to never try it at home.

The students had the opportunity to be apart of the performance by sitting on the floor while the tumbling team jumped over the students.  There were many brave kids who volunteered for this activity.

At the end of the show all the students who wanted to participate were able to join in the fun.  They were able to jump on the the trampolines, roll on the mats, and do some stunt work too.

It was great to have the Asbury Tumbling Team come to our school.  What a fun experience for everyone!