Summer Activities to Do at Home

Summer is here! Yay! Now that your kids are home for the summer many of you may be thinking, "what am I going to do with them all summer?"  Today I am going to give you some ideas to keep your preschooler busy and learning all summer long.

A Color or Letter Scavenger Hunt

A great learning activity for your child is to have a color or letter scavenger hunt.  This can be done outside at home or at the park.  For example, have your child look around for something that is the color pink or something that begins with the letter L.  They could bring you a leaf for the letter L or a rose petal for the color pink.

Squirt A Letter

Image result for spray bottle letter findAnother learning activity is to write letters on your driveway with sidewalk chalk.  Have your child find the letters of their name and squirt the letters with a squirt bottle.  They love this activity and it great for building their hand muscles too. (this activity is found at A Dab of Glue Will Do)

Soap Foam

Soap Foam is an activity that will keep them busy for a while.  Simply follow the recipe below to make a frothy foam for you child to play in.  You can add sea shells, plastic bugs, or dinosaurs for them to pretend with in the foam.

Soap Foam: 
2 tbsp Dish Soap
1/4 cup of Water
Food Coloring
Hand Mixer
Image result for soap foam
In a bowl, add 2 Tbsp of dish soap and 1/4 cup of water.  Add food coloring to the mix if desired.  Mix on the highest possible setting for 1-2 minutes.  Your foam should be able to form stiff peaks that hold their shape.  Scoop it out into your container and repeat as necessary until you have the desired amount of foam!

Image result for pool noodle and toothpicksNoodle Building

Kids love to build, but sometimes their Legos or other blocks get boring and they want something new.  If you have some extra pool noodles laying around, cut them up in one inch sections to let your child build with.  Add some toothpicks and see what kind of structure they build. 

Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water balloons, and sprinklers are all really great activities to get your child busy and active during the summer too. It's also great to visit the library, go to the park, or the local pool.  Children love to be outside, love to be active, and love to have fun.  All these activities will do just that!  Have fun and enjoy your time with them. 

Our Last Day...

Today is our last normal day of school.  What a fun and bitter-sweet day it has been! Preschool and PreK enjoyed having time in the big bounce houses.  All the students were filled with absolute joy as they jumped, climbed, and slid down the slide.  

The water fountain was a busy spot after jumping for awhile.

Mrs. Erika and Mrs. Stacy's Jumpstart Class enjoyed this beautiful spring day by walking over to Chapel Campus to play on the "big" playground.  They were excited to play on different equipment for the day. They especially loved the climbing bars and school bus.

Several of the classes enjoyed special snacks and lunches today. Mrs. Erica's class had mini ice cream cups, which was perfect for them after playing on the bounce houses.  Miss Sarah had popcorn and pudding and Mrs. Nicki had McDonald's.  Talk about some happy kids!!

PreK ordered Papa John's pizza for their lunch.  Many of the half day students got to stay all day today to continue the fun.

Every class took time to practice one last time for graduation tomorrow.  The sweet sounds of little voices filled Main Campus today.

PreK was being silly waiting to go on stage.

Tomorrow is the day.  All precious little graduation gowns hung in the hallway at Main Campus today and it is a reminder of how far these students have come at Home For Your Heart School. Today and all year we made many great memories together and we are thankful for each one.